Real Estate in Alicante

Buying a property with all the guarantees, thus avoiding problems of debts, charges and limitations of use is fundamental in this type of important operations. You can count on us as your legal representatives before the State and Autonomous
Administration, the real estate agency, and the buyers, to carry out the purchase with all the
guarantees. We can go to the Notary on your behalf, thus avoiding unnecessary journeys.

Regarding Real Estate Assets, let us value your real investment so that you can choose the best among the option presented by the real estate market.

There are areas with greater potential for growth in the price per square metre than other areas, with a more mature market,where the possibility of obtaining capital gains is lower.

Our method is based on the investment-return binomial, including both the tax planning of the sucession to the heirs, as well as exogenous factors, such a tourism regulations and the temperture of the Real Estate Market.

This service is not provide by any other law firms nor Real Estate Agencies.

We can help you to obtain your NIE or Residence Card, register in the municipal register, open your bank account, change your supply contract, municipal taxes, register in the Tax Agency's census of taxpayers, Home Insurance, obtaining the Holiday Lettings Licence obtain the best exchange rates in pounds for currency transfers and any other step you need to bring your family here (schools, medical insurance,
home reforms and decoration...).

Secure Real Estate Investments

Legal experts in Alicante guide you in the purchase of real estate assets. Peace of mind and legal cover at every step of the process.

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